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Taylor Rozier’s Hope for a Cure Brain Tumor Foundation
8th Annual Dinner, Dance, Live/Silent Auction
Saturday August 12, 2017; 6:00 pm.

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Our Mission: Our goal is to sponsor events to raise money for pediatric brain tumor research.

Taylor Rozier's Hope for a Cure Brain Tumor Foundation donates 100% of its proceeds to research to find a cure and to support pediatric patients.

According to the American Cancer Society website, brain & spinal cord tumors account for about 21% of childhood cancers, making brain tumors, as a group, almost as common as childhood leukemia. While survival after childhood leukemia has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, for many pediatric brain tumors there has been little to no improvement and brain tumors currently have the highest mortality rate of any childhood cancer.

Among the obstacles to improving outcomes from pediatric brain tumors is a complete understanding of why they form, how they grow and how to best treat them without damaging the young brains in which they reside. Overcoming these obstacles requires research and currently the the U.S. Government, the single greatest supporter of medical research, spends far less money on all pediatric cancers than it does on those cancers more commonly found in adults. And, it is from the modest amount awarded to general pediatric cancer research that pediatric brain tumor research must draw its funding. Despite this, it is not hopeless. Families affected by pediatric brain tumors have banded together for years and committed themselves to making a difference. Foundations like the Taylor Rozier’s Hope for a Cure Brain Tumor Foundation are raising money and supporting the research that is beginning to change the face of pediatric brain tumors. These efforts will make the difference but they require ongoing effort. There is an urgent need for money to be donated to pediatric brain tumor research so that the 4,000 families whose children are diagnosed with brain tumors annually may receive a better prognosis in the future.

Taylor Rozier’s Hope for a Cure Brain Tumor Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established to raise money to help fund pediatric brain tumor research.

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