Taylor's Story

A child isn't supposed to die. From the time Taylor Rozier was a young toddler until she reached the young age of 17, she was a joy and a pleasure to have around. She was always happy and she showed it. Taylor had great faith and trust in God, and inspired everyone she encountered, to have love, faith, and hope, and to be stronger as well. Taylor always wanted the best for everyone. It has been very hard for our family to lose this wonderful person. We have been blessed to have Taylor as part of our lives and we miss her dearly.

It is our hope that other families who are going through this same ordeal, will have support and hopefully a cure for this horrible cancer that robs us of our children. The Taylor Rozier Hope for a Cure Brain Tumor Foundation raises money for brain tumor research.

Thank you for visiting our site and may God Bless You.

Taylor with puppy

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